Here Are 10 Top Tips For Shopaholics This Black Friday


The day shopaholics look forward to every single year is just around the corner! Black Friday is arguably the biggest e-commerce event of the year, but with COVID-19, many people will (understandably) opt to shop online rather than going in crowds.



The primary appeal of black Friday is that most deals are irresistible, and make the customer want to spend more to satisfy their wants and treat themselves. Plus, it’s a clear opportunity to do some Christmas shopping, and of course, a great way to spend some quality time with friends!


Did you know that 49% of consumers shop online more now than they did pre-COVID-19?


If you don’t want to miss out on some of the best offers this Friday, here are 10 tips to help you out!


Make a list of the shops or websites you want to buy from


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Trust me when I say that there is no time to waste on Black Friday. If you want to get the best deals, we recommend making a list of all of the things you want to purchase/lookout for and the shops or websites that you wish to buy them from!


Set a budget


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It’s easy to get carried away when everything has a sparkly discount tag, but if you don’t wish to break the bank – or if you know you have a tendency to go overboard – make sure to set a budget for yourself.


Get there early


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If you want to do your Black Friday shopping physically, you’re going to want to get there early, ideally before the shops even open so that you can find parking.





If you made shopping plans with some of your best mates, you should carpool to save time – and it’s sustainable too!


Use a discount code app


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Whether you’re using a local discount app or an extension on Google Chrome, you can save some extra cash!


Price match


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Especially if you’re on the hunt for some tech deals, make sure to price match so you can get the best deal!


Check out reviews


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If you’re shopping online or have your eyes on a specific product, make sure to do your research to avoid any disappointments. Bonus: some reviews even take their own photos.


Research the return & exchange policies


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Make sure to do this for each retailer or website you’re shopping with just in case you’ll need to return (some companies switch up their return policies around Black Friday).


Ask for gift receipts


wrapped gift box


This only applies if you’re planning to do some Christmas shopping, but make sure you don’t forget


Make sure that the website is secure


red padlock on black computer keyboard


Make sure you’re still prioritising cyber security, even on Black Friday, and be weary of emails as hackers tend to use this day as an opportunity – so don’t click on any links unless you’re sure they’re legit.


Set up online accounts in advance


person using black laptop computer


If you’re purchasing from a new website, make sure to register beforehand so that once the clock strikes midnight, all you have to do is checkout!

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