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Help us Help Others: The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation In an Early Donation Appeal


As President George Vella had told Bay in an episode of Bay Chats, the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, in such a way that certain, for example, fundraising events which are periodically organised by companies as part of their CSR Endeavours in aid of the MCCFF could not be organised since most people were working from home.

With the situation as it is now, the MCCFF had to take the decision to cancel Rockestra, and cannot foresee whether the Annual FunRun will be held. Once again this means that a big chunk of the funds which the Foundation annually receives will actually not be received, and, in the words of the Chairperson of the Board of Administrators, Mrs Marlene Mizzi, the Pandemic stopped a lot of things, however, it did not stop people from needing assistance for cancer treatment or social assistance.



However, irrespective of this, the requests for assistance by the people of Malta and Gozo did not stop and the Foundation is spending some €1,000,000 monthly to see to these requests.

In light of this, on the 20th September, the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation will be organising “Help us Help Others”, a 12-hour telethon being broadcast on all major TV Stations. We are sure that as always, the people of Malta and Gozo will answer the MCCFF’s call and will donate generously!