Hello Summer? Temperatures To Soar Up To 31 Degrees This Week In Malta

Looks like our typical warm Maltese summer is knocking at our door!

We’re about to be blessed with a three-day spring heatwave, ladies and gents. Temperatures are expected to soar as high as 31°C and desert winds will probably make it feel even hotter.

Temperatures are expected to hit 31°C on Thursday and Friday, 30°C on Saturday and 29°C on Sunday but it will feel at least a degree hotter.

And we can thank a rise to southeasterly winds for turning the heat up on our little island.

To put it in layman terms, southeasterly winds allows hot air to travel from the Sahara desert towards the central Mediterranean.

And  just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter in May … Meteorologist Andrea Muscat, who runs The Maltese Islands Weather Page on Facebook, shares that the weather conditions could cause even hotter temperatures than the ones the Met office predicted.

“This wind, which will also be strong at times, will drag with it a plume of very hot air,” Muscat said.

“Values of up to 35°C are possible, especially on Friday, if the centre of the plume of hot air passes directly above the Maltese islands.”

Could May 2020 make it in history as the hottest Maltese May on record?

Well, the current one registered was in 2006, at 35.3°C.

Let’s hope it won’t reach that.

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