The Heat Has Hit Malta and These are the Tips our Nanna Gave us to Stay Cool

nanna tips

The first weekend of July is greeting us with a lot of heat!! With temperatures soaring to 34 degrees Celcius but feeling like 36 … we’re gonna need some help.

So in tough situations like these, we thought we’d turn to our nanna and ask her the best tips and tricks she’s got to help us stay cool, cos let’s face it, in this heat, the AC just isn’t enough sometimes.

Drink cold water while you’re sucking on a mint

Nanna didn’t really give us an explanation for this one, so we did a quick google search.

In simple terms: apparently, when you’re sucking on a mint, your brain thinks that your mouth is cold, so when you drink cold water with the mint in your mouth, your mouth will feel hella refreshed and colder.

Isn’t that all you want and need during a heatwave?

Put a wet towel around your neck

Nanna felt very strongly about this, in fact, she lives by this motto herself. When feeling slightly over-heated, just wet a towel and put it around your neck and on your forehead.

Your neck is apparently a “quick-cooling spot” so when you put something cold around it, all your body will cool down relatively quickly.

If too many people in your house are hogging the cool AC air in one room, just whip out a cold towel and show them how it’s done!

Take some water out the well to stay refreshed

I mean, if you even got one … sure. Apparently, the well’s water stays cold throughout, no matter how hot it is … so I think what nanna meant to say here was, make sure to have a cold batch of water to refresh yourself with, whenever needed.

Sea, sea, sea

Nanna’s tip: go to the beach early in the morning; the earlier the time, the cooler the sea is. You won’t feel the heat while you’re swimming, but if you’re out for long, make sure to put on as much sunscreen as you possibly can.

According to nanna, the SPF number on your sunblock bottle tells you after how many minutes you need to apply sunblock, not the level of protection it gives you.

Fill an ice-tray with ice and put a few drops of flavouring in them

Once the water has turned into ice, you’ll be able to pop these in your mouth and suck on them until you feel refreshed. The flavouring of vanilla, almond, or lemon will make them feel like a treat!

Not too bad nanna.

Eat spicy food

Ok, this is probably one of the weirdest things she suggested, but after she explained it, it made sense … kind of.

When you eat spicy food, your body will sweat more to cool you down, and your body temperature will cool down altogether.

Let’s just say we’re leaving this as our last option.

Merge your feet in a bucket of cold water and ice

Nothing screams cool yourself down than using a bucket of cold water with ice. I mean, do you even remember the ALS bucket challenge?

Your ankles and feet are also “quick-cooling spots” in your body, so the sooner they feel cool, the sooner the rest of your body cools down too.

What do you think about nanna’s tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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