Health Workers & Teachers Will Receive Their Booster Shots In November


Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne have revealed that covid booster shots will be given to health sector workers and teachers from the middle of next month.



In the meantime, those aged between 60 and 70 will receive their vaccine booster from the middle of December.


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As of Tuesday, Fearne added that Malta will recognise the vaccine certificates of more countries. From next week, social distancing will also be removed during events of up to 300 vaccinated seated individuals and wearing the mask. Eventually, this will be extended to standing events in due time for the holiday season (so long as the situation does not change).



Referring to the health budget estimates, he explained that almost €1 billion is being spent in a bid to further increase the quality and excellent services of the Health sector. Among others, he mentioned new medicines in the government formulary which will be available in pharmacies, including IVF, cancer and bone treatments, fibromyalgia, and mental care.



Old equipment in Mater Dei is also expected to get an upgrade. Work will commence on the new Outpatients building with a 500-car free parking space and a bus terminus.



A building block in Mount Carmel hospital was demolished in order to make room for a therapeutic garden. A team of professionals will be established to visit homes and to intervene in mental crisis situations.


The number of people waiting for surgeries – which were delayed due to the ongoing pandemic – decreased by half to less than 3,000 people during the last six months.