Health Ministry Publishes Revised Guidelines For Vulnerable People

Early in the spread of coronavirus in Malta, the Superintendence of Public Health took an important step to protect those who are vulnerable in our community by cocooning them. This measure was considered as a foremost factor in the prevention of deaths from COVID19 by decreasing exposure and reducing the possibility of contagion of vulnerable persons. Staff in several residential facilities also went into voluntary lockdown with the vulnerable to
further protect their residents.

Following this week’s announcement that Friday will see Malta going back to normal, the Health Ministry has issued revised guidelines for vulnerable people. This document in full can be read by CLICKING HERE. The dcoument also includes a handy graphical representations of the risk-levels tied to various every-day activities, all of which will resume or reopen on Friday.

Taking into account recent evidence, persons within these vulnerable groups who are at higher risk include:

a) persons of sixty-five (65) years of age or over
b) Pregnant women beyond twenty-eight 28 weeks of pregnancy*
c) Mothers and their new-born infant during the first month after birth
d) persons suffering from chronic illnesses and, or severe medical conditions
e) patients who are admitted to hospital with respiratory problem exacerbations
f) patients who, at any time within the last year, have been admitted to hospital withrespiratory problem exacerbations
g) patients suffering from cardiac disease who are to undergo a cardiac intervention ora cardiac surgical procedure
h) patients suffering, or who have suffered, from cardiac disease having undergone acardiac intervention or a cardiac surgical procedure at any time during the last six (6)months
i) patients attending a heart failure clinic, or who have severe chronic heart conditions
j) patients currently on or having just finished a course of steroid tablets/suppositories
within the past 10 days