Health Minister reassures that Packages from China or drinking Corona will not give you coronavirus

There has been no cases of coronavirus confirmed in Malta so far, but many are questioning whether receiving packages from China, or eating Chinese food for that matter, is exposing them to the virus that has already killed over 130 people in China up to now.

The coronavirus dies within 24-48 hours when outside of the human body. Since post that comes from China normally arrives in Malta in around two – three weeks, the virus is not active enough to infect the person receiving the parcel, Health Minister Chris Fearne shares.

And to be honest, we can kind of understand the concern when it comes to parcels … but drinking Corona? Really guys?

Despite no suspected case of the virus in Malta, health authorities are taking all necessary precautions, preparing for the possibility. Screening are being done at the airport whenever someone travels to Malta from China, with plans on how to quarantine patients who may be infected by the virus.

Health authorities have made plans in case someone is diagnosed with Corona Virus here in Malta. Doctor and nurses will be given protective gears in such cases, with tests also being done on every person the infected patient had made contact with in the recent past.

But it seems like every day we are getting closer to a cure, as only yesterday, Scientists in Australia have replicated the deadly new coronavirus in a laboratory.The lab-grown sample will be used to generate an antibody test that would allow the virus to be detected in patients who haven’t shown symptoms.

Scientists have named this discovery “a game changer for diagnosis.”