Health Minister Chris Fearne Announces New Covid-19 Measures


Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne announced new Covid-19 measures during today’s press conference.





He announced that from the 7th of March, all entertainment establishments, bars and restaurants can stay open for later than 1:00am. This will be possible if those establishments have a license that allows them to do so. This is changing from the current measure that states that establishments need to close their doors at 1.00am.


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During the press conference, Fearne also announced that mask restrictions at schools could potentially be removed after the Easter holidays.


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Standing Events:


Restrictions on outdoor standing events will be completely lifted from the 11th of April. These restrictions will be completely removed for both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons so that everyone can attend freely. Outdoor standing events will also include feasts, weddings and carnival celebrations. However, indoor standing events restrictions will only be completely lifted for vaccinated people.


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What do you think of these new measures?