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Heading to Uni? THIS is Why You Need To Join A Student Organisation!


Fresher’s Week, even the sound of it brings back great memories! It is the first greeting to every student commencing or continuing their studies at the University of Malta, organized by KSU, filled with freebies, music, games, and more FREEBIES!

Apart from helping first-year students ease into their new routine, to familiarizing themselves with the environment, KSU’s fresher’s week serves another great purpose and that is a promoter of student organizations.

Insite, ELSA, and ESN UM are a few of the student organizations which use this week to boost their student-following and scout for new members.



Year after year quad blooms with life and excitement, however, this year will have to be an exception. Given the pandemic, it leaves KSU no choice but to abide by public health regulations and cancel the whole event.

This will definitely take a toll on the various organisations which are normally present.

Following a little chat we had with Insite’s president Corrine Zahra, she calls Fresher’s Week “an undeniably important week for student activism which in the past few years has prominently declined.” Regardless of this year’s situation she is grateful for KSU’s hard work in trying to find an alternative and hopes for a similar chance to “flaunt” their organisation to all UoM students in the foreseeable future.



Now you may be wondering why such organisations are so important to know about and so here are our top 7 reasons.



1 – Hmmm Impressive!

Listing your role as a communications manager or as financial officer within a student organization on your CV is very appealing to a future employer.



2 – It’s All About Self-Growth

There is much more to it than just another CV listing and that is exposing yourself to more of what university, as an experience, has to offer apart from the course you are following.   Furthermore, any role will nurture and enhance many useful skills and character traits such as leadership skills, perseverance, and so on.



3 – Becoming A Social Butterfly

Many students have the tendency of sticking to and within one social group whom they feel most comfortable with. Joining an organization, you never know who you may meet, hence it is a great opportunity to socialize yourself into various new groups of people.



4 – Taking On New Roles

Any student would agree that student-life may get hectic at times but this should not discourage you from taking on new responsibilities. Despite the fact that it may get intense at times, balancing student life, your duties within the organization, and other commitments serve as good practice of time and priority management.



5- Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Forming part of an organization in relation to your chosen area of study could spark a career interest that you would have never even thought about otherwise. Such organizations resemble possible future workplaces, hence allowing you to realize what really suits YOU.



6 – Accredation by UoM!!

YES, you read that right. Your position as a student rep or an executive member can also be added to your transcript under the study-unit PSY2650 worth 2 ECTS following the submission of a reflective journal on your experience. Simply BRILLIANT!



7 – Save The Best For Last

We cannot forget to mention an undeniably major factor of joining an organization and that is hours of activities and events (hopefully). It is certainly not all work and no play for student organization members and so this is most definitely another tick of the box for reasons why to join.