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Heading to Uni as a First-Year? These are The Best Socially-Distant Hangouts


Most of University Lectures will be held online, and exceptions will be made for first-years to attend physically, so that they can get a full experience on campus.

Part of the experience on campus is finding ‘your’ spot, especially when you got nothing to do during your free periods. This year, this comes with a slight challenge, as we need to keep social distancing in mind, always. However, you should certainly hang out in the spots which I have listed below.



You probably think that I am just going to mention the usual locations just like Quad or the canteen. Yes, I will probably mention them, yet there are other interesting places on the University campus, not just the mundane places you make them be. The campus offers plenty of well-liked and diverse places, trust me, there is for a place for everyone, including you!


Dar Manwel

What a snuggly place! One may not know about this seemingly looking household near the Chapel, but it sure provides the comfort one needs. Consisting of a living room with a cute sofa, a miniature common room, and a lovely kitchen, what could you need more?



‘Qisha d-dar tan-nanna’, that’s the way I perceive it. A cosy, warm, calming and inviting place. Such a cool vibe to stay inside with your mates playing some cards and uttering jokes.



The UOM Library

Okay, okay. You’re probably saying: ‘is he serious right now?’ Hmm, yeah! This place initially gives a tedious and monotonous vibe. Yet, it is so underrated.



It is divided into different stations; a place for individual work where yes you have to keep quiet, however, there is also a group workstation where you can work, have a chat and share a laugh. To me, it is like a common room, quite spacious and comfortable with sofas and neat carpet flooring, and even handy computers. There are user-friendly lockers so you don’t need to carry your hefty bag, and it has myriad of books, which is always a welcome escape!



IT Services

Probably one of the advanced and most efficient locations in Uni. If you love the tech vibe, this is your place. It is new and appealing, and you can’t not mention the cool office-chairs where you spin around until you feel dizzy. Also, if you cannot find a computer in the library, no worries, you will find one here!


Japanese Garden / Gnien l-Istudent

This sublime garden is just a tranquil and exquisite spot. If you are a person that hates the crowd or just not a people’s person, your introverted personality will surely love this place. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, embrace it!



Go to this garden to observe the majestic nature in front of you and acknowledge the beautiful silence of the lovely trees and plants. If you love nature, this is the right place for you!



Green / Bench Areas

This isn’t just a singular spot, yet there are a couple. There is a bench area on the left hand of the canteen near the Quad parking. There are a couple of benches over there, in the shade. If you just cannot handle drastic sunshine, then go there sit down and let loose.



These places may be a tiny bit crowded so if you enjoy your own company with very few people, whilst ensuring that you are properly social-distancing, then go next to/underneath the library. There are also benches there in the shade. Just you and peace.





Quad, what can’t you do in Quad? There are a couple of benches where you can stay in the open-air chatting with your peers or grabbing a smoothie or an iced coffee whilst you’re there. If you are a heliophile and just love the Maltese sun, you can chill on a bench on the turfgrass. If you are a wayfarer, then you will definitely enjoy going for a walk all around Quad.



Canteen / Common Room

An extensive place filled with seats and food, and warmth! The canteen is probably the most known spot on campus. If you like a noisy background, then this is your place. Apart from seats, there are a super comfortable seemingly mattresses on the right side of the canteen as well.



Could it get any better? Also, next to the canteen there is the famous common room which is like a study area where pupils socialise as well. Probably more socialisation than studying, but hey I assure you it is great! Plus, it is near the canteen aka food, so you can grab a snack quite quickly.


Pjazza Dun Karm



This is the turf are near the ATM behind the canteen. There are benches to feel at ease with your friends. Just laying down on the grass with the sun shining on you and relaxing is something I called perfectionism during stressful periods in Uni.



Faculty of Arts

Last but definitely not least, we have the Faculty of Arts. In the reception area, there is a comfortable room filled with colourful sofas and tables. I recommend it if you want to be indoors in a noiseless room. And if it is raining outside, it is the perfect place to chill and shelter yourself!

So, once again, if you are a first-year and heading to Uni, and you are wondering where the best socially-distant hangouts are, all you need is this article, a sense of direction, sanitizer, and the best of luck from all of us at Bay!