Heading Back To Training Today? These Are The Rules In Place To Ensure Maximum Safety


Good Morning “new-normal” Malta! One of the activities which will be resuming today is the training for non-contact sports. As is the case with the other businesses going back to life today, a set of mitigation rules have been issued, which have to be followed to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you.

Below is a quick round-up:


  • Training is to be limited to groups of six, which can be made up of five athletes and a coach, or six athletes.
  • Athletes are to keep a safe distance of 3m for all sports, apart from some exceptions were the distance is to be 2m.
  • The group of six people is to remain the same for subsequent training sessions, and the members of the group cannot change groups for any reason.
  • Coaches are considered as part of the group, and they too must keep a 3m distance whilst wearing a face-mask.
  • Equipment cannot be lent to other athletes. Each athlete is to have and use his or her own equipment at all times.
  • The total number of persons who can be in a training space should not be more than 1 person per 20m-squared of the usable training space.


Heading back to training today? We wish you well, enjoy it, and keep safe always!