“Having Multiple Sclerosis Doesn’t Define Me, But It Is A Big Part Of Why I Am The Person I Am Today.”

Up to a few weeks ago, residents in Malta considered as ‘vulnerable’ were informed to stay at home as much as possible as contracting COVID-19 could be super detrimental to their health considering the already underlying conditions.

Ilona Debattista was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 23. Up to this day, Ilona Debattista had no fear that her condition, Multiple Sclerosis (better known as MS), could be the cause of her death, but that quickly changed.

“When you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition at the age of 23, one of the first things your doctor tells you is, “You don’t die from MS,” as though that statement, was meant to make this painful life-sentence, OK. But now I know they were right in telling me so. Because it was certainly easier knowing that you don’t die from MS, or at least, you didn’t die from MS… up until Covid19.”

Up to a couple of weeks ago, Ilona more or less kept the knowledge of her condition to herself, but during these pressing times, she launched a blog specifically dedicated to her chronicles as a person living with MS.

Publiée par Ilona Debattista sur Dimanche 28 avril 2019

“The idea behind this space, is to help sufferers like me feel less alone, less scared, less vulnerable and I think there is no better time than now for that, when tensions are high and we are being labeled as vulnerable by society at large.”

Apart from a blog post that specifically tackled the world of MS, explaining what it is, how it affects the life of the person diagnosed with it and has all the information you’d ever need to learn about the condition, her other blog post is something that more or less anyone who either has or does not have MS can relate to.

This blog post was dedicated specifically to living with MS in the time of Coronavirus is inspiring to say the least. She talks about how she has come too far to let it all go downhill from here. Id it takes staying at home for a short while to accomplish all she’s been working so hard for, that’s what must be done.

Publiée par Ilona Debattista sur Jeudi 26 juillet 2018

“So, if I must stay home for now in order to get to that finish line, then home I shall stay for as long as it takes and likewise, I beg each and every one of you struggling with being “vulnerable” reading this, to do the same. You might notice, I don’t sit very comfortably with this term we’ve been given, but whilst we might really be vulnerable to this virus, this new Corona Virus will not win because we won’t let it.”

And if we’re being completely honest, the words of wisdom she passes on to her reader go far beyond those who are suffering from MS, or are considered vulnerable, and are therefore advised to stay home as much as they can. Her advice is basically something we’d all benefit from implementing:

“Focus on what you can control, and that, right now, is staying home. So stay home, wait, stay safe till it does pass and prepare to fight harder for those dreams and plans you had 9 weeks ago. Stay strong for them. Stay healthy for them, you have to, because we are warriors and warriors fight, it’s what we do and we do it well, so we sure as hell aren’t about to stop fighting now!”

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