Haunted places in Malta that will give you the creeps

A good spooky story is not just for Halloween.

If the legends are to be believed, there could be a few bumps in the night not just on 31 October, the most ghostly night of the year, but every night.

To get you into the ‘spirit’ of things, we’ve uncovered some spine-chilling, Maltese ghost stories from our creepiest streets and most sinister houses, places and forts.


The Grey Lady of Fort St Angelo

Sightings of the Grey Lady date back to the early 1900s.

She was seen and heard by many Royal Navy sailors, yet, encounters with her ghost vary.

Maltese children used to describe her as a nice lady that looked very beautiful but appeared very sad.

Others claimed that she was aggressive and vulgar and would throw furniture about the historic fort in Vittoriosa.


The Black Knight of Manoel Island

The apparition of the Black Knight appeared in 1918 at the end of the First World War.

He was spotted by British and Maltese servicemen working on the restoration of the naval base and the island’s chapel.

Dressed in full armour and regalia of the Order of St John, the knight would be seen supervising the men’s work.


The Blue Lady of Verdala Palace

The niece of Grand Master De Rohan, who died in tragic circumstances, is said to have haunted Verdala Palace palace in Buskett Gardens since Victorian times.

Over the decades, many visitors have reported seeing her reflection in mirrors or seeing her standing on the edge of the palace balconies, her blue gown flapping in the wind.


Villa Sans Souci, Marsaxlokk

A long-abandoned villa on the outskirts of Marsaxlokk that is known for its paranormal activity.

Strange noises are heard from inside the mansion, and many who have entered the building have complained of a constant feeling of dread and paranoia following them everywhere they stepped.


The headless woman of Mdina

A headless woman is said to roam the streets of Mdina at night, wearing a traditional Maltese ghonnella.

She reportedly stands silently at the end of the dark narrow lanes, beckoning people to follow her.


The Splendid Hotel, Valletta

This derelict hotel in Strait Street was originally a notorious brothel.

One night, a huge row broke out between a client and an escort, and the woman in question was brutally stabbed to death in an upstairs room.

Her spirit is said to walks the empty halls of the building.

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