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“Hassejtu?” – The Question on Everyone’s Mind this Morning


Just because 2020 wasn’t already bad enough as it is, many were those who were awoken (rudely) at around 3am this morning as an earthquake struck off the Maltese Islands, with a magnitude of 4.5! This came after another earthquake was felt around the south of the Island at 8:23pm, with a magnitude of 3.3.

Luckily for everyone, there have been no reported damages to the Civil Protection Department, as was also confirmed by Minister Byron Camilleri.


Another earthquake has struck off the Maltese islands around 03:01, with a magnitude of 4.5. Did you feel it?Kindly…

Publiée par Seismic Monitoring and Research Group SMRG – University of Malta sur Mardi 29 septembre 2020


Needless to say, we do love ourselves a bit of drama, so if you think your Facebook feed has something wrong, it hasn’t! People have taken to social media, even at 3am to ask the ever-eternal questions…”Hassejtu?” // “Earthquake?” // “Tremor?”



The earthquake was felt across various parts of Malta, and even all the way to Gozo.




And then there were those, who slept right through the whole thing, and woke up feeling kind of left-out!



Well, if you DID feel it, then the Seismic Monitoring and Research Group within the University of Malta need your help. Fill in their dedicated online questionnaire by CLICKING HERE to help out in their ongoing research!