Harry Styles Becomes the First Solo Man to Feature on the VOGUE Cover, Ever


We all know and love him for his music but it’s safe to say that whatever Harry Styles does – he never fails to impress.

On an Instagram post yesterday, Harry Styles shared the front cover of the December ‘VOGUE’ edition. Being the first ever male posing solo on the cover of VOGUE, Harry donned a lacy gown designed by none other than Gucci’s Alessandro Michele paired with a black tailored jacket. His effortless locks and iconic gold rings completed the look, photographed by VOGUE’s Tyler Mitchell.



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In his interview, Styles spoke about his fashion choices, lifestyle and future plans. Harry has been meditating twice a day and also practicing pilates.

Preceding the photoshoot, Styles was on a juice cleanse too. He admitted that these practices have been life changing and they help him “just be more present.”



Perhaps what interested readers most was his fashion choices and how confident he is in his unique and original clothing choices.

After One Direction broke up, Harry did not only become a solo artist but he also expressed his individuality aesthetically and is now a fashion icon.



From wearing nail polish, to his look at the Met Gala last year, to this VOGUE cover – he is shattering toxic masculinity and showing people that it’s OK to be whatever you want to be.



In his interview with VOGUE’s Hamish Bowles, Harry said that his second album was all about experimentation and “letting go of the fear of getting it wrong.” About his fashion choices, Styles admitted that his love for dressing up sprouts from his childhood; “As a kid I definitely liked fancy dress.”

In the photos taken for the shoot Harry sports several looks such as coats, shirts and wide legged pants. Needless to say, he rocked everything he wore and he is surely making waves and challenging societal norms and for that we are truly grateful!

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