Hangover Don’t Get Worse With Age, Study Shows


So apparently, hangovers don’t get worse as we get older.


This is while we might have thought or believed that it is otherwise.



Can you count the times that you said, ‘I just can’t handle a hangover just like I used to?’ – Yup, us too!


But apparently we are much better at handling them now possibly because the older we get, the more aware we are of our limits of alcohol intake.



This study used a Facebook quiz consisting of 761 participants with 61 percent were female aging between 18 and 94 years old.



It also revealed that as generations went by, older generations are less guilty of consuming more alcohol than younger ones.


It also showed that mean drink more in comparison to women.



They also analysed each participant’s heaviest drinking session before Covid restrictions were in place.


Writing in the Alcohol and Alcoholism Journal, experts concluded: “Hangover severity declines with age, even after controlling for the amount of alcohol consumed.



“The relationship between age and hangover severity is strongly mediated by subjective intoxication. Pain sensitivity, lower with ageing, might be a mediator.”


We’ll remind ourselves of this next time we’re cradling the sick bowl after a bottomless brunch…

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