Hal Kirkop decked the town with recycled material for this Christmas season

Every year, each town battles it out for the best Christmas decorations the island has to offer, but this year, one town in particular went over and above and deserves all the recognition it can get.

Hal Kirkop have decided to provide a festive touch to their locality with decorations made of recycled objects.

GIGANTIC – Kirkop's Local Christmas Market 🎅

👀 GIGANTIC … 7 & 8 December 2019….#KunsillLokaliHalKirkop #Gigantic

Publiée par Ħal Kirkop Local Council sur Mardi 26 novembre 2019

The brains behind the project was Charles Buttigieg, a man who loves to create art from recycled home objects. Last year alone, Charles broke a national record for the biggest Christmas ball made of recycled materials, and he’s done it again this year, only this time the ball was used to decorate the streets of Kirkop.

“The process starts by collecting toilet rolls, we cut them and stick them with glue. The round frame is made by members of the San Leonardo society and we start building the ball. Josef Borg and myself did the cardboard and glitters”.

Ħal Kirkop mayor Terence Agius told TVM that the council welcomed the idea of linking the festive season with an environmental initiative. “We called the initiative Gigantic, a Christmas activity with recycled things”.

Well done to the whole team behind this fantastic initiative!

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