Guidelines For The Celebration Of Village Feasts Now Published


The Archdiocese of Malta is publishing directives on this year’s traditional Festa celebrations.

These directives, which come into force on 1 July and apply only for this year, explain in detail what was announced by the Bishops in the circular of 24 March last year and which can now be implemented. These directives are published on the website of the Archdiocese of Malta

The feast will be celebrated through a Solemn Mass and a pilgrimage through the streets of the town / village, on the date of the liturgical feast or on the Sunday that the feast is usually celebrated in the summer months. An alternative day will be found for those feasts which have already passed. The pilgrimage, which is a walk of faith, will be characterised by prayer and may include the participation of bands accompanying the prayer with religious hymns.

In addition to the festivities in the villages and towns, a diocesan pilgrimage of thanksgiving to God will be organized on September 14 led by Mons. Archbishop Charles Scicluna.

The Bishops call for maturity and cooperation between all those involved.

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