GSD Ltd Places Water Stewardship At The Heart Of Its Processes


Naturally, water is a vital source to us all – and that includes GSD Ltd. who, alongside the Coco-Cola Company, has implemented a sustainable water stewardship strategy to help protect, reduce, and replenish water in all aspects of their operations, both inside and outside their plant…


Our Company works together with the Coca-Cola Company to implement a sustainable water stewardship strategy. Our…

Posted by GSD Marketing Ltd on Monday, March 22, 2021


Starting from the source, GSD Ltd. has put together ‘a series of carefully tailored plans to protect the water we use’, which comes from the government’s main water supply, as well as registered metered boreholes, which are constantly monitored to ensure sustainability!



Alongside this is a ‘Source Vulnerability Assessment’, which assesses potential future risks to water quality and availability. Meanwhile, they also prioritise reducing the amount of water used in manufacturing drinks.


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Over the years, they have implemented process improvements which have resulted in an annual reduction of 31,000 cubic metres of water. Overall, they have reduced our water use ratio by over 8%, and this is an ongoing process that constantly enables them to invest in innovative ways to reduce water usage!



Alongside the Coca-Cola Company and with the support of the Coco-Cola Foundation, they have designed a holistic sustainability program for water – Alter Aqua – which is implemented by a local NGO, Global Water Partnership Mediterranean, as well as the Energy and Water Agency.




Ever since its initial launch in 2001, the program has implemented 16 infrastructural projects, from the installation of rainwater harvesting systems to the introduction of the greywater reuse systems, to the implementation of a stormwater management application and the restoration of water reservoirs.



This year, in particular, the Alter Aqua Phase 3 was launched, aiming at restoring 3 water reservoirs in Kalkara and one at Rinella, the first being used for the irrigation of a garden whilst the second is used to help irrigate trees and other landscaping activities around the Rinella fort!


We want a better shared future for the communities we live and work in. We strive to have a positive impact in our…

Posted by GSD Marketing Ltd on Monday, March 15, 2021


By the end of 2021, a reservoir in Birgu is also expected to be restored. Alter Aqua also focuses on educational campaigns to help raise awareness on the application of non-conventional water resources and sustainable water use in local schools, with activities being implemented in collaboration with EkoSkola. Through this, 15,060 students have been educated on sustainable development since 2011.


Ultimately, this project has positively impacted the lives of about 15% of locals, through collecting and reusing nearly 18 million litres of water annually, which equates to the monthly water consumption for over 1,000 Maltese families!

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