Group Of School Boys Wear Skirts After Ban On Shorts During Heatwave


After shorts were banned in Poltair School in Cornwall mid-heatwave, a group of year 10 students protested by wearing skirts.


Despite the scorching heatwave currently affecting the UK, not all schools have enabled students to change their uniforms to help them handle the rising temperatures.



One secondary school pupil, Adrian Copp, and his classmates decided to utilize a loophole in their school’s rules which allows skirts but doesn’t assign them to a gender. The move was seen as a protest.


Poltair School in St.Austell, Cornwall (SWNS)


Copp’s mother, Donna, allowed her son to get a skirt to protest the ban on shorts in his school. Explaining what happened on the day, Copp shared, ‘I found it a lot cooler definitely. It’s really uncomfortable wearing trousers in this heat. It was a mixed bag. Some teachers thought we were messing about. But there were others who cheered us on.’



He went on, ‘There were a group of Year 8 boys who were clapping and cheering us. We were removed from classes and banned for socialisation for 24 hours but we were let go because they couldn’t find anything to pin us on.’


Cardiff schoolboys turn up to classes in skirts in protest at 'no shorts'  rule - Wales Online


‘We haven’t broken any rules. We just want everyone to have the option to wear shorts in this heat and that goes for the girls too.’, he concluded.



Copp had the full support of his mother who claimed the uniform policy had been an issue for years. She also hopes this will open the door for girls to be able to wear shorts in school too!


Donna concluded ‘I’m so proud Adrian has the guts to take a stand.’

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