Grey’s Anatomy Is Going All Out & Bringing Back A Fan-Favourite Cast Member


Grey’s Anatomy is gearing up for Season 17, which the show’s producer has hinted might the final run for the beloved, medical drama – but if so, it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops and bringing back classic cast members…


Sarah Drew Would Return to Grey's Anatomy: 'It Would Be Hard' |


Thus far, both Derek Shepherd and George O’Malley have made guest appearances, but now, the show has officially confirmed that we can tick another fan-favourite character off our guessing list…



That’s right, Sarah Drew will be reprising her role as April Kepner at some point this season, having last appeared three seasons ago, at the end of Season 14.



As for what the plot or context will be, we have no clue…but the character does have a child with Jesse Williams’ Jackson…



Meanwhile, Kevin McKidd is also hoping Sandra Oh will make a return, sharing, ‘I’d love to see how Cristina and Owen would interact all these years later, because they left each other really still in love with each other but she had to change her life.’



Season 17 is expected to air this coming April.


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