Greta Thunberg Just Won The Internet In the US Election Saga


For the past years, Greta Thunberg has transformed into someone who is possibly among the most vociferous teenagers in the world.

An advocate for climate change, Greta has been at the receiving end of one of Donald Trump’s infamous tweets many times, after her address to the UN General Assembly some years ago and after a prestigious title awarded by Time Magazine.



Now, Greta’s trolled Trump in a tweet after his ‘STOP COUNTING VOTES’ tweet – telling him to chill and well, not just that!


Now you might find yourself saying things like: ‘How rude this is,’ or ‘Where have I heard this before?’ What Greta has basically done is used Donald Trump’s own words….against him.



Let’s go back to 2019. Trump was, at that time, not pleased about the fact that TIME magazine has announced Greta Thunberg as the ‘Person of the Year 2019’. In a scathing post on Twitter, Trump passed a rude remark over Greta’s achievement.


Following the president’s comments, the activist, who was 16 at the time, updated her Twitter bio to read: ‘A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old-fashioned movie with a friend.’

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