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Greek Overwater Hotel Cheaper Than Maldives

greek hotel


A Greek hotel has been branded as the new Maldives for offering a luxurious over-water stay at a much cheaper cost.



The Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa in Crete has been described as ‘a Maldives experience in the Mediterranean sea’ and it comes at a fraction of the price.



The resort, which has 225 rooms overall, offers a wide range of lodging alternatives, including the “Over Water Bungalow.”


An Over Water Bungalow can cost as little as €350 per night, depending on the season you visit. While this is still rather expensive, it is a far more accessible alternative for people who want to experience luxurious vacations in the Maldives.



The price increases to €400  per night in the middle of October, and then soars to €760 during the school break.



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