Outrage as flamingos are shot off Maltese coast

A flock of Greater Flamingos that have been circling around the coast of Malta has been slowly depleted during yesterday.

While some juveniles were exhausted and landed close to the people, others were shot at, with one witnessed being brought down in the area known as Munxar, limits of Marsaskala.

Another badly injured one was collected from Marsaxlokk and taken to the government vet who confirmed it had been illegally shot.

Other stranded juvenile flamingos were collected and taken to the vet.

One was collected by ERA officials from Daħlet Qorrot in Gozo while another one was collected earlier on by BirdLife Malta from Għadira Bay. This morning another one was collected from Tas-Safra by Kaċċaturi San Ubertu (KSU) and was also handed over to BirdLife Malta.

All this is happening during the closed season, just as autumn bird migration has started picking up, and a few days before the start of this year’s autumn hunting season which will open on 1st September and will see over 10,000 hunters start off a five-month hunting season running until 31st January of next year.

In the current state of affairs flamingos, storks, herons and other majestic birds such as birds of prey migrating through Malta are all expected to be targeted.