GQ hails Malta as ‘the Mediterranean’s tiny treasure’

Malta has been described as ‘the Mediterranean’s tiny treasure’ by GQ magazine.

The men’s lifestyle, fashion and grooming bible gushes over Malta’s charms with tips on where to stay, things to do, places to visit, and food to enjoy.

GQ hails Malta’s 7,000 years of history and urges readers not to overlook Malta as a holiday hot spot.

The London-based magazine wrote: ‘On a map, Malta looks like just a peek of land below Sicily. You’d miss it if you weren’t squinting with the intention to find it.

‘But this Mediterranean nation is a unique gift that keeps on giving for travelers who like food, wine, beaches, and history.

‘Two majorly important Caravaggio paintings are here under one roof, in one of the most jaw-droppingly gilded cathedrals you’ll ever see.’

The magazine adds: ‘The island is home to the oldest free-standing structures on the planet – yes, older than the pyramids.

‘They make a very tiny quantity of very good wine, and more than enough cheese to eat along with it.

‘Most recently, its claim to fame has been Hollywood’s use of the timeless landscape for filming – think Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed, Murder on the Orient Express.

‘With tourism numbers growing wildly every year, now is the time to visit Malta.’

We couldn’t agree more!

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