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Gozo: Three Hills and Infinite Talent | Part 2


The journey of discovery for more hidden talents in Gozo ensues and this time round, Bay is giving you more and more diverse talent!

From a young emerging designer, to a culinary creative and finally two multitalented ladies, here are this week’s young pioneers.



Meet Renee Xuereb | Designer

Renee is a visionary! From a unique concept scribbled in a sketch to the final product, there is definitely no limit to what she can achieve. This 18-year-old residing in Nadur, Gozo is currently an MCAST second-year student, finalizing her diploma in Graphic Design and Interactive media.

The world of design offers many opportunities and Renee is not afraid to venture and try all; amalgamating the world of fashion and design.



“I have always looked up to my mother”, Renee tells Bay. Being a dressmaker by profession, Renee was always fascinated by her mother’s work, so much so she would always find herself at her mother’s workshop after school. Furthermore, “these last 5 years I have had the chance to also begin experimenting with my skills” and I have also had first-hand experience at the whole procedure of dressmaking; which includes the design and choice of fabric to the sewing of the article of clothing.



What does the future hold for Ms Renee?

In the future I aspire to be a clothing graphic designer incorporating both graphic design and fabric.” Despite her young age she has a lot to offer in the world of fashion and graphic design. From designing ravishing carnival costumes to formal attire, Renee’s future is bright and filled with endless opportunity! She is definitely one you should watch out for and follow.



Meet Silvio Grech | Culinary Creative

This 23-year-old is making big waves and revolutionizing the creative element in dining amongst Gozo’s finest chefs. From his innovative concepts to the food’s divine taste, there is a lot that sets him ahead of many others.

Having spent so much time in the kitchen with his grandparents as a child, to skipping classes for a visit to the local pastry shop for some deliciousness, what started out as an interest in the culinary world, developed to be a goal which Silvio was determined on taking to the next step; being a professional chef.



Silvio had initially started as a dish-washer in a restaurant at the age of 13 and then enrolled himself into culinary school which eventually provided him with more experience within different settings. Nine years of dedication later and Silvio is now the head chef at one of Gozo’s finest restaurants located in Imgarr.


“From the first day as head chef, my life changed”

The future for me is every new day, I do not regard it as the next few years,” he tells Bay, and so he will keep on pushing forward every chance he’s got!



Meet Joscelyn Atzori and Coco Baker | The Triple Threats

From Modern Jazz to Ballet and Tap, just to mention a few, Joscelyn has practically done it all. Beginning her dancing journey at the age of 8, with intents of broadening her skills in dance, she states that “There is so much ‘dance’ could offer, and I wanted to learn more and more every day.”

This great passion and drive lead her to perform twice at the Royal Albert Hall during the London Dance Proms (2014/2016) and DisneyLand Paris (2017).



On the other hand, Australian-born with Gozitan roots, Coco started dancing at the age of 4 in Australia where she did ballet and later on broadened her abilities to jazz and acrobats. Eventually, when she moved to Gozo, dance was no longer simply just a hobby; it was an opportunity for Coco to socialize herself into the new society she was settling into.

Gozo taught me more about dance and performing. It gave me more opportunities such as performing in various countries like Latvia and Spain, as well as venues like the Citadel, Teatru Astra, and in schools.



“We will keep on working hard to achieve the best and become the best we can be.”

Following a degree at the University of Malta in Tourism Studies and balancing all dance-related commitments, was not a piece of cake for Joscelyn. Furthermore, upon completion of an intense year at sixth form, cramming all of Coco’s A-level and Intermediate exams in just one year, everything changed and fell into place for both Joscelyn and Coco in September of 2017. The girls moved to the UK to commence a three-year experience of training in dance, singing, and acting at the Leicester College of Performing Arts.



This experience has led both women to excel in all the three diverse areas of performance, whilst taking on new projects such as; performing in prominent dance events around the UK, taking part in promo and music videos, working with very renowned individuals within the industry, and finally graduating.

They are now both represented by two different talent agencies and are already onto new endeavors. Coco is looking forward to her third job experience in December with hopes of following that with several more auditions.



Meanwhile, Joscelyn has recently been working on some photoshoots to start building up her portfolio for future modeling opportunities.

Hope you enjoyed this two-part series! If you think you’ve got what we’re looking for or know of someone who does, feel free to contact us at for a possible feature!