Government Allocates Over €115,000 to Animal Welfare NGOs in Malta

Funds have been launched to continue helping animal sanctuaries by further strengthening the Animal Welfare Fund.

In the 2019 budget, the government increased the allocation for the 2020 budget in the Animal Welfare Fund to € 85,000. However, the government will actually be giving € 115,680 to 15 NGOs, half of which were donated yesterday. A further 30% of €115,680 is expected to be awarded in May.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Anton Refalo visited the AAA sanctuary – Abandoned Animals Association, and emphasised that, “the Animal Welfare sector is very important, and is indeed a priority to this ministry. As a ministry, together with NGOs, we are constantly working diligently to give these animals the care they need”.

These aids are granted to animal sanctuaries so that they can invest in infrastructure and capital projects with the aim to improve their site facilities.

Among the list of recipients of these funds are sanctuaries and NGOs such as the AAA-Abandoned Animals Association, to continue ensuring that they are always a priority.