Google Is Developing An App That Helps You Diagnose Skin Conditions Using AI


Let’s face it, at some point or another, there’s no doubt that Google has become our go-to place for instant information on our health and well, basically everything else.


Plus, most of us, have probably searched ‘Do I have COVID?” at least once this past year.


Googling May Cause Side Effects - Good Times


Responding to the need for accurate, doctor-reviewed medical information from the comfort of our own home, Google is currently developing an app that will help you to identify skin, hair, and nail conditions using artificial intelligence!



This app will allow users to upload photos of their skin, hair, or nail issues in question, which the app will then analyse and provide a list of possible matching conditions for. From there, users develop a more informed choice about which step to take next.



Google has made it clear that the intention of the app is not to provide a definitive diagnosis or to replace an in-person exam, adding that this AI model that powers Google’s dermatology app has recently passed clinical validation.


New Google AI Tool Could Potentially Identify Skin Conditions


The tool has also been CE marked as a Class I medical device in the EU and in the coming months, the plan is to continue building the app so people can use this tool to answer questions to common skin issues, as the company specified.



In addition, Google has also taken care to test the model on different skin types and tones to ensure accurate information for everyone across age, sex, and race.


Head to the official Google blog to learn more about its AI dermatology app.

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