Google Maps rolls out new features we didn’t know we needed

For its 15th birthday, Google maps has rolled out some new features that we never knew we desperately needed.

The Google Maps “explore” tab offers reviews and details regarding restaurants, shops, theatres and other venues, taking advantage of location-sensing capabilities in smartphones.

A “commute” tab in the Maps application promises to deliver efficient routes to or from work whether people are driving or using public transit.

Maps will now share information regarding whether buses or trains tend to be hot or cold; accommodations for people with disabilities, and whether there is security on board. This is all thanks to useful bits of information from past passengers who have shared their experiences with specific routes.

That should be a very interesting addition when it comes to Maltese buses in particular.

A new “updates” tab in the app will showcase”must-see” spots that are gaining attention, and will let users chat with businesses to get answers to their questions.

The once solid-red “pins” pointing out map locations is now made up of the four colours used in other Google logos. (Sounds cute)

A playful “party-themed car icon” will replace the blue dot that users now see when they are navigating.

So not just more user-friendly, but also more entertaining to use.

Sounds great!

There is no confirmed date as to when these updates will officially roll out, but rest assured that we’ll be on the look out for them!

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