Google Issues Warning After Billions Of Passwords Hacked


Google has introduced a vital tool to allow users to check if their online details have ever been compromised after billions of passwords for many online accounts have been leaked in recent years.



Say hello to Password Checkup, which can be downloaded on Chrome and scans databases of usernames and passwords that have been leaked online. If it detects any leaks, the tool will encourage you to change your usernames and passwords.


person holding black android smartphone


The app also warns you whenever you sign into a site using ‘one of over 4 billion usernames and passwords’ that have been leaked. It also tells you if your passwords are being reused across different sites – which is quite a risk with regards to cybercrime.



On top of that, the app provides a handy list of accounts where you need to change your passwords. It will also indicate if your passwords should be strengthened since weaker passwords place you at a higher risk of being hacked.


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Google’s Jennifer Pullman explained, ‘Hijackers routinely attempt to sign in to sites across the web with every credential exposed by a third-party breach…If you use strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, this risk disappears.’


You can find the extension by heading to your Google account and then on to Password Manager.

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