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Google ‘blocks Huawei from using apps on phones’

Google has blocked Huawei from using apps on its phones.

Fears that the Chinese government could use Huawei to spy on other countries are thought to be the reason behind the move.

Huawei is one of a number of manufacturers who use the Google-developed Android operating systems on its smartphones and tablets.

Google reportedly halted Huawei’s licence – meaning it will no longer be able to use apps like YouTube and Gmail and will not have access to security updates.

The move means existing customers will be able to update their phones and apps, but will not be able to update to a newer version of the Android operating system if one becomes available.

In recent months, Huawei has come under criticism for its alleged close ties to the Chinese government.

However, the firm has always denied any suggestions of close links with the state or that it has ever been asked by Chinese authorities to help spy on others.