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Global Tech Company With Maltese Roots, Krepling, Pushes Its Valuation To $1.6 Million

Krepling, an e-commerce software company that enables business owners and entrepreneurs to put their business on the internet and sell globally through centralization and no-code has just announced the launch of its seed round.


Today, Krepling has climbed to a valuation excess of $1 million, with the aim to raise further venture funding thanks to backings from the likes of popular Silicon Valley investors such as Jason Calacanis and his team at Launch. Jason’s previous investments include the likes of Robinhood, Wealthfront, Uber, Desktop Metal, Datastax, Thumbtack, Superhuman, and Trello.

Krepling was founded in 2019 by locally based brothers Liam and Travis Gerada – who are now aged 21 and 18 respectively.


When Liam was 17 and Travis 15, they launched their first startup: Kingsfare – a online consignment marketplace for high-end sneakers and streetwear clothing. They sold Kingsfare after discovering the shortcomings in the e-commerce platform market, and set out to solve the problems they encountered as e-commerce merchants by creating Krepling.


“Krepling aims to give business owners the tools they need to centralize their vision online at a pace that matches the speed and transformation of the internet itself,” said Liam Gerada, CEO and co-founder of Krepling.


So what exactly does Krepling do?


Going international is no longer reserved for companies who have the highest budgets. Nowadays the playing field is as equal as ever and Krepling has formulated the right vision for this.


Krepling aims to provide a platform where anyone can start, build and grow their online business without anyone limitations and without the weighted value of a start-up costs. Their team is directed at creating and leaving an impact in the commerce sector.


Krepling, has paved the way for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and non-tech savvy people to build of all sizes and coming from different backgrounds, and scale a vision in the digital space. It has also changed the way businesses and entrepreneurs interact, grow and build using the fundamentals of e-commerce.


In addition, Krepling caters to building online without the need to write code and brings together everything needed to get the launch going and managing the business on the net.


In fact, as of yet, Krepling is powering businesses across 6 different continents. With the company’s userbase of businesses and entrepreneurs grossing a whopping $1b in worldwide GMV, seeing Krepling’s userbase scaling faster than some of the world’s leading DTC commerce companies in the world.


Is Krepling based in Malta?

Krepling is known for adopting its ‘Silicon Valley style’ of funding and growth when it comes recruiting talent where the company applies a remote-first model. The company has also set its foot and delved to its roots, in Malta, and hiring some of the best engineering talents on the island. With a remote first model, US venture backing, and exciting startup culture, Krepling may be brining a new vision to remote work in Malta.

The local startup scene

89.7 Bay spoke with Liam Gerada about Krepling’s beginnings out of Malta and taking the company to US capital markets and beyond, his challenges as a founder, and advice he’d give to other Maltese entrepreneurs looking to pivot into the tech startup world.


“I think the best advice I could give is to always focus on the bottleneck of the problem you are trying to solve. I think with an approach like that you are bound to solve anything.” Said Liam.


“I think the biggest challenge we faced, as particularly founders who came from a non-technical background, was ensuring that we continue to build a great product that everyone feels a part of — employees and customers alike.”


He continued to say that “the process of scaling is vital. The world of e-commerce is moving fast. We are constantly ensuring that we are not only moving at the speed of innovation but are consistently also delivering a product that is providing superior value to business owners in ways that enable them to develop and scale alongside their respective industries.