Gladiator Star Russell Crowe Is Back In Malta For New Film


Infamous actor Russell Crowe, who filmed Gladiator in Malta back in 1999 and starred in renowned musical Les Misérables, returned to Malta for work on a new movie.



Crowe was spotted with a production crew that is currently filming in several locations across the islands. The actor also took to Twitter to ask if ‘anyone from Malta’ follows him.


Russell Crowe - Singer, Guitarist - Biography


Malta’s Fort Rinella was previously featured in Gladiator as part of a set for ancient Rome.



Many speculate that Crowe is filming Prizefighter, an upcoming movie about the 19th-century pugilist Jem Belcher, starring Matt Hookings, Ray Winstone, Jodhi May, and Steven Berkoff.


Russell Crowe, man of action – FHH Journal


Crowe was also previously filming in Thailand with Zac Efron for a movie based on the book The Greatest Beer Run Ever, which tells the tale of Marine Corps veteran John ‘Chick’ Donohue’, who travelled thousands of miles in 1967 to give his friend a beer and messages from home in the middle of the Vietnamese War.

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