Giving Out Plastic Shopping Bags Becomes Illegal

Offering plastic bags for shopping is no longer permitted in Malta!

This is only permitted when the bag is re-useable or biodegradable. This new rule also applies for single-use plastic or jablo containers.

 These rules are coming into effect from the 24th February. This means that distribution, consumption and sale of plastic bags will no longer be allowed. The Environment and Resources Authority and Customers will be enforcing the rule and along with fines imposed on those who go against this law, to try and reduce single use plastic products.
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Bags which are less than 50 microns thick have been banned from 1st January. However, lighter bags less than 15 microns thick can used for hygiene purposes. Thin bags can also be used to package food. Non-food products can be packaged in reusable bags which are biodegradable and compostable. Styrofoam/jablo containers are also no longer allowed to serve food but can still be used for packing raw meat.


Try using reusable drinking bottles, cloth bags or mugs as alternatives to single-use plastic!


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