Giorgia Borg did not make it to Britain’s Got Talent Finals

After a great performance and lots of praise from the judges, Giorgia did not make it through to the Britain’s Got Talent Finals!

Giorgia Borg performed two original songs, which is amazing for a ten-year old. For a girl at such a young age, she has already lived an experience most of us can only dream of.

Getting the Golden Buzzer and performing in front of thousands at just the age of 11 is no easy feat.

Simon Cowell also had nothing but praise for our star Giorgia, saying that ‘I really do believe that, no matter the result tonight, you’re going to have a career in the industry.’

Guess the third time wasn’t the charm. It wasn’t Malta’s first attempt to make it through the to finals. Destiny Chukenyere and Amy Marie Borg tried their luck in 2017 and 2018 respectively; both made it to the semi-finals, but none to the finals.

The two acts that made it through to the finals are: 4MG and Siobhan Phillips.

A big big well done to Giorgia. You’ve made Malta really proud. We’re pretty sure that this is not the last we’ve seen of you.