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Ginormous Jelly Fish Making Its Way To Malta?

Earlier this week a 50cm jellyfish, known as the Stinging Cauliflower, was spotted in the gulf of Trieste in Italy. Now these are some of the largest and rarest kind of jellyfish you can spot in the Mediterranean sea.

This jellyfish has only been spotted 4 times in total, including this year (2020 really and truly is the year that just keeps on giving).

It was first spotted in 1880, then 65 years later, another 50 years later, and now just this week.

Amateur divers in the Miramare Biosphere Reserve managed to get footage of the Stinging Cauliflower, and it looks hella scary.

Experts and sea enthusiasts might say that the divers who spotted it should count themselves lucky to have seen one in their lifetime … but I’m happy with it staying in the coast of Italy…

Do you think the jellyfish might be making its way?