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Ghajnsielem Local Council Renovates Dumping Site Into Beautiful Space


Ghajnsielem’s Sant’ Eliju Belvedere used to be an ‘almost illegal dumping site’ – but now, Ghajnsielem’s local council, alongside TeamMosaic, have managed to sustainably transform the tiny area into a stunning, vibrant space!


Għajnsielem Local Council Sustainably Transforms Dumping Site Into Romantic  Spot


Situated in the outskirts between the Ghajnsielem Cemetry and Xatt L-Ahmar Bay, the spot is one of the darkest remaining spots in the village – which is why the council has inventively made use of the low light pollution.



So yep, you’ve guessed it! It’s the ideal spot to stargaze on a clear night, with Sant’ Elija now emitting small specs of faded light, AND the area was even improved using recycled goods.


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As Mayor Kevin Cauchi explained, ‘We tried to combine different aspects, including the use of recycling materials, preserving one of the last dark spots in Għajnsielem, restoring rubble walls and making full use of both local volunteers and our workers’.


Whilst the old benches were revived by council workers, the mosaic representations were made with home porcelain and ceramics by volunteers under Mary Portelli’s artistic guidelines.