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Get to know our new Drive Time duo a bit better

The countdown has begun. We are just three days away from Bay’s new Drive Time Duo to go on air.  So we thought we’d catch up with them and ask them some questions, just so you can get to know them a bit better.

The catch? We made sure to talk to them separately, just so we can see how compatible our drive time duo actually is.

What’s your full name?

Taryn: Taryn Pippa Mamo Cefai

I actually used to hate it because my mom enlisted me with that name for school, so every time they called me from the register it was a real tongue twister! Taryn Pippa Mamo Cefai. But then it actually grew on me and I love it now.

Pierre: I am named after our new Prime Minister, Pierre Robert Cordina

Your favourite way to spend the weekend

Taryn: Definitely abroad

Pierre: As weird as it may seem, four events in three nights. I love to keep myself busy and I love the crowd!

Your favourite song to sing to

Taryn: Anything from the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé

Pierre: I don’t sing much if I’m being honest, but I think one of the most favourite ones to sing would have to be ‘The Greatest Love of All’ by Whitney Houston.

Ice-cream flavour you love the most

Taryn: Pistachio, but not any kind e, the Italian one ahh.

Pierre: Is it ok if I say the yoghurt ice-cream? Fro-yo.

Tea or Coffee?

Taryn: Tea. With one and a half sugar, and loads of milk. Just like the Brits take it.

Pierre: Coffee with no sugar. I actually prefer espresso. It’s my pre-show routine. I like making one right before I go on air.

Summer or winter?

Taryn: Summer

Pierre: Winter

The food you can never get enough of eating

Taryn: I love eating everything to be honest, but if I really had to choose I’d go for my dad’s beef stroganoff I love, and anything with meat …

Pierre: Pizza peperoni

Your first ever job

Taryn: I was a pool girl at a hotel. Wasn’t even supposed to be there. They thought I was the daughter of a Minister and gave me the job. Then when they asked me on the first day I told them ‘no ta but now I have to stay, cos I really need the job’. No one would take me, I applied to all the places in Bugibba front and no one would employ me cos I was still 15. Even applied at the bumping cars place and not even they would accept me!

Pierre: I was a barman at the Neptune’s when I was still 14. Well actually I was a barman/cashier/manager. Used to open the shop almost every morning and got loads of tips from that job too!

Family tradition you’re most fond of

Taryn: It has to be setting up the Christmas tree. The boys, when there are boys to start off with, will help my dad set up the tree, and my mom, sister and I will decorate the rest of the house. Then we’ll cook, have a big dinner and watch the first Christmas movie together. I love it cos we get to spend the day together without the whole Christmas shebang.

Pierre: Christmas lunch. I now invite everyone to come over to mine, but the idea is that all of the family gets together. Apart from eating, we distribute presents and dance all together. I’ve been djing for them since I was young, it’s our tradition and it’s definitely the one I’ll hold closest to my heart.

How do you define success?

Taryn: Happiness

Pierre: The words happiness, being really happy. If I manage to do what I want to do and be happy, I’m successful.