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Get Them Umbrellas Out – Looks Like We’re Going to Need Them


After some days of glorious weather, making it rather impossible to think of it as November weather, looks like we are about to get a nice reminder of just what November is meant to feel like.

In fact, the Met Office over at Malta International Airport is still forecasting showers (albeit possible) today, followed by Thundery showers on Tuesday and Isolated Showers all the way till Fridays, with temperatures going down to 19°C!



Maltese Islands Weather in fact states that the high pressure that brought persistent fine weather is retreating.

“This will allow low-pressure systems from over the Atlantic to penetrate our region. In fact, the Maltese Islands should be affected by two successive storm systems over the course of this week. With regards to rainfall, this week looks really promising. Whilst rain is possible on any day in the coming week, it appears that Tuesday 17/11 and Saturday 21/11 could be the wettest days,” Maltese Islands Weather.



Maltese Islands Weather also says that ‘most days should be characterised by moderate winds.’

“Wind direction will shift between Northwest and Northeast alternatingly over the course of this week. A very strong Northeast wind cannot be ruled out for the weekend. We will have to wait a few more days to see if this will materialize or not, however. What we are sure of is the fact that this week will bring the decisive change in weather many have been waiting for.”



So, while we secretly wait and pray for another awesome reaction from Eileen il-Queen, we can safely say that this will be the perfect week to get busy with your Christmas decorating!

And if you really need to head out, best to have an umbrella and a coat at the ready (together with the mask etc)