Get That Glorious Taste Of Summer! Scoop Have Re-opened Their Doors.

If there is one thing we missed throughout the past couple of weeks, it’s the taste of fresh ice-cream, melting in our mouths. Oooh, getting the tingles just thinking bout it.

Store bought ice-cream is lovely, when you have no other option. It just doesn’t hit the same as a cup or cone of delicious gelato.

We missed that sensation of not knowing which ice-cream flavour to choose, then cheekily asking the guy behind the counter to let you try it through a disposable spoon.

We missed trying to keep up with the scorching heat, licking our cone from all four directions, to make sure we don’t waste a single drop.

But most of all, we missed the irresistible decadent taste of summer. The amazing taste and sensation of cold ice-cream cooling you down on a hot summer’s day.

It’s a taste we longed for and are so glad is back.

Scoop Gelato Artigianale in St Julian’s has officially re-opened their doors and are giving us that amazing taste of summer we all missed so much.

With some of the best ice-creams and DIY tick-shakes the island has to offer, and offers you can’t resist, Scoop is here to make all your ice-cream loving fantasies come to life.

They’ve got over 20 different flavours to choose from!

You can follow their Faecbook page to keep up to date with their latest offers.