Get Paid €180,000 A Year As A Dog Food Tester


Stuck in a dead end job and want to spice up your CV with a unique career?

Look no further! TikToker Matt Welland shared a list of weird jobs that pay extraordinarily well.

There is a catch, though…



Job #1: Dog food tester – €180,000/yr

The contents in the image below are going to be your daily treat at your place of work, if you decide to go with this line of expertise. Dog food needs to be tested for consistency before being canned, therefore humans are necessary in the process.




Job #2: Body part modelling – €6,000/photo

If you’re too shy to show your beautiful face in photos or videos for adverts, you can use other parts of your body to make money! The best part is, it has nothing to do with the website where you can find fans only.

Thousands of people worldwide reported making upwards of 4 figures for every body part photo they licensed. So if you think you have the smoothest legs, softest skin & stunning nails, head over to a professional photographer to get them professionally photographed.

All you need to do from there is get in touch with various companies of your choice, send over the sample images and hope for the best!




Job #3: Professional mourner – €12,000/day

Do you often get compliments about how beautiful you look when you cry?

Yeah, neither do we.

But if you’re up for making a nice sum of money when you have a couple of hours to spare, people sometimes rent out professional mourners. Their job is to attend funerals of people they don’t know, and just sit there crying. This is usually done when the person who died was not liked by many (unfortunately), so the family decides to rent these professionals in order to increase the total number of funeral attendees.