Get Back In Shape With Cynergi’s 30-Day Summer Challenge


Cynergi just launched a challenge that will get you fit just in time for summer!


The 30-day Summer Challenge includes all the support you need to achieve your summer body in no time. A full training programme is planned depending on your own goals and preferences. Want to get ripped or just want to trim some unwanted weight? They got your back.


You also get a personalised nutritional guide that’s perfectly fit to your body type, allergies, dietary requirements, eating schedule – everything. Also, if you’re prone to slack from your progress, the group chat support and 1-to-1 check-ins are sure to keep you on track.


Drop your trainer a DM if you’ve got a bad day or you’re feeling sluggish. You’re not on your own at Cynergi. You’ve got a team of internationally qualified professionals behind you, pushing you towards your end goal.


No more excuses. Summer is in 32 days and you can transform your lifestyle in just 30. What are you waiting for?


Contact Cynergi via email at [email protected] or drop them a message on Facebook to start your fitness journey.


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