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George RR Martin’s Novelette Sandkings To Be Adapted Into Netflix Movie


Netflix is turning Game of Thrones creator’s fantasy story – George RR Martin’s horror-fantasy novelette Sandkings – into a new movie, which Gore Verbinksi will be directing.


SANDKINGS: Martin, George R. R.: 9780671655549: Books


The news was announced by Gore Verbinski, who also directed Pirates of the Caribbean, ‘One of the screenplays [I’m attached to] is based on a George RR Martin short story called Sandkings, which is this brilliant little twisted short story that I love,’ he revealed.



‘And I’m working with a great writer, Dennis Kelly, who wrote the original [Utopia]… The British original series is brilliant. And Dennis is doing the adaptation, so I’m kind of excited about that.’


New Regency Sets Production Pact With Gore Verbinski (EXCLUSIVE) - Variety


As for Sandkings, the narrative follows a millionaire, Simon Kress, who buys a terrarium housing four colonies of ant-like creatures, aka, the sandkings, which grow to fill whatever space they’re placed in.



Simon then starves them so that they’ll fight one another, as he lets his mates place bets on the winner. However, this soon backfires when they escape their prison and take over the house…


George R. R. Martin - Wikipedia


Meanwhile, Netflix is yet to make its official announcement, so it surely won’t be with us this year!