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Gaming For 2 Hours Can Burn As Many Calories As 1,000 Sit Ups


A recent study has revealed how many calories people can burn during a fairly hectic gaming sesh…


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Turns out, gaming can shred the calories when you’re particularly focused, committed, and jacked in. As the E-sports platform Stakester shared, gamers can burn up to 420 calories over two hours, which is the equivalent of doing 1,000 sit-ups…



Who knew all you needed to get that summer bod was to pick up the controller? Tom Fairey, the CEO and founder of Stakester, stated: ‘We all know that competition increases our heart rate and most of us have experienced the ‘gaming sweat’ that happens when you’re searching for a last-minute goal in FIFA or in a tight spot in Warzone.’


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It’s no surprise that this burns calories, but we’re surprised to see just how many is burned during a two-hour session, it certainly beats doing 1,000 sit ups.’ Naturally, though, burning calories isn’t the same as shaping and building your core.



But… how’d they find this out? Well, the good people over at Stakester hooked a bunch of gamers up to heart rate monitors as they played FIFA and Warzone. Researchers then managed to work out an average calorie burn rate of 210 per hour.



So, there you have it! Gaming doesn’t result in poor health, but it’s up to the individual gamer on whether they choose decent food for that two-hour battle sesh. Oddly enough though, Aussie researchers found that gamers are 21% more likely to have healthier body weights.



QUT esports researcher Michael Trotter said after publishing their results: ‘The findings challenge the stereotype of the morbidly obese gamer. When you think of esports, there are often concerns raised regarding sedentary behaviour and poor health as a result, and the study revealed some interesting and mixed results.’