Gamer Fired For Saying No Rights For Short Men


A pro-Tekken player has been fired after she claimed that short men “don’t have human rights”…



Kana ‘Tanukana’ Tani, a Japanese Tekken star, is a gaming prodigy, having won the 2019 WESG Chongqing Tekken 7 Invitational.


However, her outburst during a livestream earlier this month has led to her being axed by Cyclops Athlete Gaming.


During the broadcast on 15 February, Tanukana said: “Men who are under 5 ft 7 don’t have human rights.”


She also added that shorter men should consider having bone lengthening surgery.



Tanukana further stated that women with A-cup sized breasts do not have human rights, in addition to men’s height.


In a statement, Cyclops Athlete Gaming apologised for the remarks and confirmed she had been sacked.


“I am very sorry to all the fans who support me on a daily basis, to all the sponsors such as Red Bull, and to my selfish remarks, which caused unpleasant feelings and a great deal of inconvenience,” she said.


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