Game of Thrones Announces Production Date for its New Prequel


Game of Thrones has finally released the production date for its upcoming prequel, House of The Dragon, which was announced last night on Twitter…



The long-awaited series will start filming in 2021 and is expected to air in 2022. House of The Dragon will be shifting its focus onto the Targaryen clan, centuries before the beloved fantasy drama, and will feature Paddy Considine as King Viserys I.



According to the GOT mythology, the Targaryen family is one of the Royal houses which ruled an empire and united the Seven Kingdoms. Often followed by 3 dragons, their family declaration is ‘fire and blood’ – and they frequently left both in their wake as they attempted to rule the kingdoms and eventually, the walls outside Westeros. But if you’re a true GOT fan, you’ll know that their ambitions and thirst for power doesn’t always go well…



House of The Dragon will be adapted from George RR Martin’s book, Fire and Blood – but as for the plot, we don’t know much else. However, showrunner Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, who are bringing the prequel to life, both know that they have some ‘big shoes to fill’, given the weight and popularity of the beloved franchise.



Condal promised fans that the show means everything and more to him, stating, ‘I realise the shoulders that I’m standing on here in making this show. I realise the footsteps that I’m walking in – they’re very deep, they’re very intimidating, but I come to the show as, not only a huge fan of the original series, but also a fan of the books.’

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