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Fury as two more storks are ‘massacred’ in Malta

Malta Police have confirmed they are investigating the shooting of two more white storks.

The birds were found dead with obvious gunshot wounds near Maghtab on Wednesday.

BirdLife Malta condemned the latest killings as a ‘massacre’ and said a total of seven storks had shot out of the sky in less than a week.

In a statement, the group said: ‘Our country deserves better.

‘More than half of the flock of 18 storks have most probably been shot down by hunters in what can now be clearly defined as a massacre.’

Three white storks were killed near Zebbug last Friday, despite being a protected species.

BBC wildlife presenter shared the shocking images on his social media pages.

He tweeted: ‘A flock of 17 white storks arrived in Malta last Friday but this is what happens to them due to illegal hunting.

‘Vets tried to save these two this morning however they didn’t make i. The flock is now seven.’

Bird lovers across Malta and Gozo took to social media to express their outrage at the latest killings.

One man wrote: ‘Barbarians. Why kill such lovely birds? They know no shame.’

Another added: ‘This is terrible publicity for Malta. Who are these morons?’

A woman posted: ‘The trigger happy barbarians should get the maximum fine and have their hunting licence taken away – at the very least.

‘I am so angry that I can’t even think of a punishment horrible enough for people who perpetrate such a senseless act.’

Another said: ‘Why is nothing being done to stop these selfish, ignorant barbarians?

‘What they need are hefty fines, firearms confiscated, jail time, and close the hunting season for good.’

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