Furious tourist brands Malta’s stormy weather ‘a disgrace’

You may have had to moan about room service or the cleanliness of the hotel swimming pool on holiday but what about the weather?

One upset holidaymaker has done just that after she complained that Malta’s stormy weather this weekend was ‘a disgrace’.

Janet Wilson, who is on holiday in Malta from the UK, went public with her complaint after thunder, lightning and heavy rain battered much of Malta and Gozo on Sunday morning.

She wrote on Bay Easy: ‘Must admit the weather in Malta has been very disappointing.

‘We booked a holiday for four and since we’ve been here the weather has been a disgrace.

‘Quite frankly, we’ve wasted our money coming here.

‘I have a good mind to sue the tourist board because of their holiday brochures.’

Mother-of-two Janet added: ‘We would’ve been better staying at home. Not amused Malta.’

Despite being mocked for her comments on Facebook, the weather in the UK has been rather good this weekend with sunshine across much of Scotland, England and Wales.

How’s the weather looking in Malta this week?

There’s more bad news for Janet with little chance of a suntan this week.

Forecasters have predicted we can expect more stormy weather in Malta and Gozo for the next five days with more rain heading our way from Monday.

A spokesman for Malta Weather warned: ‘Keep your brolly handy as it’s going to be a wet week.

‘ We’re expecting rain showers that may be heavy, thundery and with at times across Malta and Gozo as an upper-level trough of low pressure persists over the central Mediterranean.’

Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather said: ‘The wettest weather is expected on Sunday and Monday when widespread showers, which will be heavy and thundery at times, should affect the Maltese Islands.

‘Temperatures will also dip considerably. 

‘The situation will remain unstable for much of this week, with rain expected on every day until the end of October.’

Oh dear.

Heavy rain hits Malta and Gozo!

How's the weather where YOU are?Thunder and lightning hits Malta and Gozo with heavy rain in places!

Publiée par Bay Easy sur Dimanche 27 octobre 2019