Fuel prices rise by 5c a litre in Malta and Gozo

Filling up your car at the petrol pumps in Malta and Gozo will cost slightly more from today.

Enemed said Maltese motorists will have to fork out an extra five cents a litre from August 1.

The increase means cost of filling up a typical family car will now cost around €75.00.

Fuel pump prices across much of Europe have soared to the highest level for nearly four years.

The rises have been blamed on the rising cost of oil worldwide.

The government insisted that Maltese drivers will pay 9c less for petrol and 11c less for diesel than the European average.

Here’s the breakdown:

Unleaded will rise from €1.31 to €1.36 per litre

Diesel will rise from €1.18 to €1.23 per litre.

The price of Petrol Super will rise from €1.46 to €1.51 per litre.

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