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Friends collect 25 bags of litter from just one Malta road

If the main road between St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha looks noticeably cleaner today, it’s thanks to a group of friends from France.

The six women have told how they were shocked after seeing the huge amount of litter by the side of the road on Selmun Hill.

They decided to do something about it – and after 90 minutes had collected an astonishing 25 bags of rubbish.

The litter included plastic bottles, fast food wrappers and even a lager can dating back to 1996 that had been chucked out of a car window.

A plastic deckchair, vehicle parts and old shoes had also been dumped on the roadside.

The friends – Youna Le Gac, Laura Poret, Mélanie Martin, Diane Miguel, Émilie Le Gac and Lenaik Herbreteau – have been widely praised on social media for their civic pride.

They’ve also set up a Facebook page and plan to organise more clean-ups in Malta soon.

Hello ! Today, we cleaned up a part of the road between St Paul’s Bay and Mellieha. We were 6 French girls and we collected 25 trashes bags (100L) in 1h30, in total 2500L of plastics, cans, papers…We found a beer can expired in 1996 !!!!!!! Please protect our #MOTHERNATUREHave a nice day ?

Publiée par MotherNature sur Samedi 18 août 2018


Roadside litter can be difficult, dangerous and costly to clean up, according to Malta’s local councils.

A spokesman said: ‘The vast amount of roadside litter is small, flyaway items such as crisp packets and sweet wrappers.

‘By having a paper bag in your car to store rubbish over the duration of your journey, rather than throwing items out of the window, we can work towards creating a cleaner Malta.

‘Small steps like this can really make a huge difference.’